Feeling Sexy Male Swim Trunks


Did you know that you could feel sexy wearing male swim trunks? That is a completely true statement. With everything that has been done to make this swimsuit style more in fashion and innovative, men can walk around any beach or swimming pool in swimming trunks and feel totally sexy. This is true no matter what their body type happens to be. You don’t have to be able to wear bikinis, thongs, Speedos, G-strings, or pouches in order to get the lustful attention that you may be craving. Instead, you can actually wear swim trunks and collect all of the admiring stares and phone numbers that you ever wanted.

Granted, there was a time when male swim trunks were considered, quite possibly, the most unattractive of all swimsuit designs except, maybe, surfer shorts, and even those had their day when girls flocked to the guys that wore these loud colored print swimsuits. Today, swim trunks are coming into their own once more. Men and women both have begun to find them quite appealing on the men that wear them. You can also get by with having a less than perfect body with swimming trunks. There is no need to have the physique of a Greek god in order to successfully pull off this look.

Another thing about wearing male swim trunks is that you can be comfortable while also feeling and looking sexy. There is no danger of anything falling out or showing a peek to an unsuspecting crowd. No, everything stays covered up just the way it should while you gather some lusty stares. Think back to when you wore any of those fashionable tiny swimsuits for men. How many times did you find yourself tucking something quickly back into place and hoping that no one saw anything? Probably quite a lot. With swimming trunks, you won’t have that issue ever, and you get to feel sexy all at the same time. What more could you ask for, really?


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My Love Affair with Male Swim Trunks


When it comes to wearing my male swim trunks, I prefer to be able to show them off. I have a couple of friends that like to wear their trunks as underwear, but I want people to notice me when I am wearing them. I feel like the people around me deserve to see what I have to offer and my trunks are the perfect way of doing that. Although I do have to be careful on where I am wearing them. I found out that people on public transportation don’t particularly enjoy seeing a guy in nothing except trunks walk onboard and sit down next to them.

I have worn my male swim trunks under my pants while I went to work once. While it was comfortable, I had to fight myself all day long to keep my pants on. Even in one of the most important business meetings of my life, all I wanted was to jump up on the table and strip down to my trunks. I imagined doing a little dance or something on the table and showing off my body. Of course I couldn’t do that or I would have been immediately terminated from my place of employment.

The point is that wearing male swim trunks should be all about showing off your body. At least with the designs that are available today anyway. I never wanted to show off my body in those traditional trunks that I used to wear. They were baggy and uncomfortable to say the least. But these designs fit perfectly and accentuate the parts of my body that I want people to notice. So I will keep wearing them to the beach, and a few other places that I have been allowed to walk around freely, until the world comes to the understanding that they should be seen as any other type of clothing option.


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Modern Male Swim Trunks

 Try something wild like swim trunks with a built in butt plug. Make your day at the beach special!

The male swim trunks of today are not really a lot different from those of many years ago when they were first introduced to the unsuspecting public. The differences that do appear seem to have more to do with the fit as well as the various colors and designs used to create these versatile swim suits. Years ago, the fit of these trunks was rather loose and baggy so as not to call attention to anything that might be scandalous about the male anatomy. In other words, a man’s penis was not exactly outlined for the world to see when he hit the beach or swimming pool.


Today, while male swim trunks are still rather popular, most of them fit more snugly than their looser predecessors. On top of that, they are not made only from a cotton sort of material anymore. You will find these trunks made from a variety of fabrics including spandex, Lycra, and parachute material. All of these fabrics tend to encourage a bit of showing off when it comes to the genital area and men are proud to hint at what they are carrying underneath. Obviously, in spite of the fit when it comes to such things as spandex; if you are wearing a wild print, chances are that your snug fit will not be as noticeable as with a solid color.

Before you choose the male swim trunks that you want to buy; keep in mind what it is that you want to say with these trunks. Do you want others to look at you and focus on the crotch area of these trunks? Is it more of a hint of what is to come that you want to convey? Maybe you simply want to look like you know how to have some fun and will choose the wildest print possible. In the end, it only matters what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident once you get out on the beach in front of others. Select the best trunks for you and have some fun!


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New Designs in Male Swim Trunks



Wearing male swim trunks to the beach has always been one of my favorite things. But lately, I have been seeing some guys wearing trunks that I don’t know if I could be comfortable wearing. I usually do my best to stay ahead of fashion trends but some of these trunks are a bit ahead of me right now. I have no issues with those guys wearing things like this, but I just don’t think they would be right for me. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t be looking into them a bit closer just to make sure.

If I can find some newer male swim trunks that I would feel comfortable wearing in public, then I will surely buy them. However, the designs that I have been seeing recently seem to be a bit uncomfortable to me. I really don’t understand how some of those guys are able to wear them in front of strangers showing off that much of their bodies. Of course they are making it easier for people to start wearing things that they want to wear by forcing people to accept them in their newly designed trunks.

Looking online at the male swim trunks designs have shown me that I have been missing out on a lot of fun the last few years. I thought the items I wore to the beach were cutting edge, but these designs are unlike anything I have ever seen. It made me start to wonder if I could actually wear something like this out in public and still feel comfortable with all the attention I would end up with. I guess the only thing for me to do is put them on and see what people think about them. It’s a good thing I live right on the beach in case I have to change into something less spectacular, though.


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Finding Unique Male Swim Trunks


If you are going to wear male swim trunks to the beach, then going online to find unique designs will be your best bet. Unless, of course, you want to look like any other guy out on the beach trying to blend in with the crowd. On the other hand, if you want people to take notice of you and show the world just how sexy you can be; these online designs are going to be your best bet. Another option is that you could try to create your own designs and see how far that will get you in life.

If you are a male swim trunks designer, then you probably already know how great the independent designers around the world are. But for people that haven’t a clue as to what designers are doing these days, going online to find out is the only way you are going to see what’s going on. Some of these designs are so good that people aren’t even wearing them to the beach in case everyone else wanted to wear them as well. That takes the unique quality out of the trunks for sure and then, they become just as ordinary as the designs you can buy off the rack in any chain store.

You aren’t going to be able to find these male swim trunks in any of those stores, though. These are special trunks that only a handful of people are even going to recognize, let alone know where to find them online. Once word starts to get around, however, you know that everyone out there is going to want to get their hands on them. It’s much better for you to get at the head of the line and start that trend than it is to wait until you have to catch up to everyone else. At least that is the way you should be thinking about it.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!

The Online World of Male Swim Trunks


I love wearing my male swim trunks to the beach but the other day I saw some that I had never noticed. They weren’t the kind of trunks that I would have chosen to wear out in public, at least not when I first saw them anyway. The more I looked at them and watched the guys wearing them, the more I realized that they were something I really wanted to try out at some point in my life. I just wasn’t sure where I could possibly find something like that to wear since I had never seen them in any stores.

I figured there must be some kind of male swim trunks store hidden off in an alley way somewhere and I wanted to know where that was. So I walked over to those guys and started talking to them about the swimwear they had on. I wasn’t sure how I was going to ask them where they bought them, in case it was some kind of secret club or something, but one of them said that I should look at a couple of websites online if I was interested in them. That is when I discovered the online world of mens swimwear.

I now have a pretty large collection of male swim trunks, some of which I haven’t even tried on just yet. When I find a design that I think looks good, I purchase them without even considering whether or not I can wear them. My friends all think I have lost my mind because of my new obsession, but I just think of it as a hobby. Also, the designs that I do tend to wear are really sexy, so that helps. I may be a bit crazy when it comes to buying swimwear, but I am the one that is getting all the attention out on the beach now so it works out quite nicely for me.

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Getting Attention in Male Swim Trunks


When I first started wearing male swim trunks, I wasn’t sure if anyone else would accept them. Especially with my friends, since they were all wearing the surfer shorts at the time. It is rather difficult for someone to go out with their friends all the time and suddenly change something about them. This is even worse for guys like me that aren’t the center of the group. My friends have changed things about them all the time but, whenever I changed something about me, they all looked at me like I had lost my mind.

So taking my male swim trunks out to the beach with them for the first time was a very big step for me. I figured that they would make fun of me the entire time or simply ignore me because they didn’t want to be seen associating with me for fear of their social standing in life. I didn’t really care all that much, though. I loved my new trunks and I wanted to take them out and show them off to people that might enjoy them as well. I was very surprised when my friends actually liked my trunks and wanted to find out where they could get their own.

We spent the entire day walking around on the beach and everyone that we came across made comments about the male swim trunks that I had on. It almost seemed like my friends were getting a bit jealous towards me since I was usually the one no one ever paid any attention to. It was nice to be the center of attention for once; although that stopped happening once my friends started buying their own trunks to wear on the beach. On the other hand, I did have a couple of days in there where everyone wanted to be like me and I took full advantage of it.


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Male Swim Trunks and Finding the Right Beach


There are a lot of male swim trunks available on the market these days that you can wear around the house and at the beach, if you don’t mind showing off a little bit of skin. For some guys, that isn’t a big problem, but there are others in the world that seem to think it is wrong for guys to wear revealing swimwear in public. I say if it feels good when you wear it, then you should wear it as often as you possibly can. Just don’t wear something that is going to end up getting you into any trouble because that isn’t very much fun.

Wearing skimpy male swim trunks out in public can be a bit of an issue for you on your first try. You are going to end up finding out that a lot of people will be staring at you. Of course, they are actually staring at your trunks for the most part and not so much your body. At least, not until they get their eye full of your trunks. Then they will be looking at your body and realizing just how incredible it is. You might even convince a couple of guys you may meet to try them as well.


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If you find that you have male swim trunks that you can’t wear out in public without getting into some kind of trouble, then you either need to find more conservative designs or a beach that will allow you to wear them. Of course, once you start wearing designs like this; it will be hard to change back to something that isn’t quite as sexy. This means you are going to need to take the time to look for a beach that will allow you to show off your body the way you really want. Trust me; it pays off to find that beach rather than change design styles.



Male Swim Trunks


Most of the male swim trunks that you are going to see on the beach these days are bought from discount retail stores by guys that have no idea what fashion is all about. They see something hanging on a rack and think that the color looks cool so they buy it. That’s all fine and dandy if you want to wear designs that everyone else has on as well. On the other hand, if you want to get out there and show the world there is more to life than being like everyone else, then you should start looking around online for your swimwear.

The first time I looked online for male swim trunks I was impressed to see just how many designs were available. Granted, some of those designs wouldn’t be allowed to be worn on most public beaches, but the chance to actually have something like that was too much to pass up. I get invited to a lot of pool parties so I could always wear them there is I wanted. Or I could just wear them around the house when no one was around. Either way works out well for me as long as I get to try them on.

I have some pretty laid back male swim trunks available that I like to wear out in public and won’t end up getting me into trouble. Sometimes, though, you have to put yourself out there to get people to see you for who you really are. That might mean you have to wear something you normally wouldn’t wear, but you can still have a lot of fun with it all. Just take the time to see what is available and choose what styles you would wear out in public and which ones you would keep at home in order to be happy with your life. Then you will know exactly what to look for when you do some online shopping for men’s swimwear. Also, keep in mind that whatever you may like that cannot be worn in public areas can always be worn at home so don’t deny yourself the fun of wearing them.

Male Swim Trunks of Today


A lot of the male swim trunks designs that you see in stores these days are based on designs that were around for decades before that. The only difference is that they have found ways of making them cheaper, usually by outsourcing the work to third world countries, and by using materials that are cheaper to produce. But there are some designers out there that understand what it means to get involved in swimwear in general and they are doing everything they can to make sure that all of us are able to get the quality that we deserve.


No real models today just me in a tiny Koala swimsuit

Not only are they giving us better quality when it comes to male swim trunks, but they are also going above and beyond to give us designs that we find interesting. We don’t have to wear the same designs that our fathers and their fathers before them wore to the beach. We can have things that we feel comfortable wearing out in public and even some that we probably shouldn’t be wearing out in front of others. That is what makes swim wear so fascinating these days and why so many guys are starting to see the possibilities that are involved.

I have been wearing male swim trunks for a long time now and I have seen these changes in designs over the years. I am thankful that there are some people in the world that see wearing basic trunks as an affront to Mother Nature and have taken it upon themselves to change that. Giving guys like me the ability to find a design that makes us feel sexier than anything else we have ever worn. That doesn’t happen very often in our lives since it’s hard to feel sexy wearing work clothes, but the swim wear sexiness helps out a lot.



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